shopping that is more
conscious of people and planet

Sustainability is the key to the future.

back to basics

Easy to style organic basics.

raw, ethical and powerful

Make a statement with limited edition
handcrafted jewelry.

A new way to shop for the most sustainable jewelry.

Solution to conscious shopping

shop by our values

Upcycled products are created from industrial textile waste that's thrown out as trash and given a new life.
A part or whole process of making products by hand, having intricate details that make it extra special
Products that are mindful in using alternative techniques & materials so that no animals or animal by - products are used
Ethical products that respect the environment & are created by people who have received living wages & safe working environments

founding philosophy

Esoraa partners with carefully selected brands & designers from India who meet our sustainability criteria, to provide you with the ultimate curation of outstanding products and styles.


The word “agoraa” derives from the ancient Greek term ageirein,
meaning “to gather together” which is the whole essence of
Change is possible. Alone we cannot but together we can.
Agoraa is about maximising sustainable & mindful consumption &
living’s exposure. We want to do this by providing a space for
conscious conversation through events, collaborations & by
sharing stories.

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