letter from the founder

Building Esoraa is what gets me out of bed every morning. The idea of being able to share my history, culture and passion with you all has given me a greater purpose and motivation to be more authentic in the stories I narrate about the crafts, artisans, weavers, and all the creative souls who have come together to create.

In 2021, after having lived in Europe for almost 5 years, I noticed that while certain facets of South Asian culture such as wellness, mindfulness and cuisine were highly regarded and easily available, fashion was and is still often misunderstood and inaccessible. There is no true representation of South Asian brands and products in Europe.

For the longest time, fashion from India and neighbouring countries was considered boho chic or hippie! Whatever little understanding people had of it was from fast fashion retailers who would come up with these bohemian vibe collection inspired from the exotic lands, digitising the prints and embroidery onto cheap fabrics with the labels stating MADE IN INDIA! MADE IN BANGLADESH!

Sustainable living has been a core component of Indian culture. Its philosophy and values have underscored a sustainable way fo life. India is known worldwide for its traditional textile heritage but still lacks behind its counterparts in terms of value & acceptance despite the fact that the practise of handcrafted textiles and products have been embedded into the Indian culture since its existence. “ MADE IN INDIA” or “MADE IN BANGLADESH” have somehow come to be regarded as low quality products, made unethically in sweatshops.

I created Esoraa with the intent of changing this narrative and spreading the message that South Asian Fashion is not just boho chic and definitely not low quality. Esoraa is making “MADE IN INDIA” products which are fairly produced, accessible to Europe while remaining true to my cultural heritage.

Every garment, every piece of jewellery, every product found on Esoraa has a story and an emotion behind it. The story of the person who spent hours and days creating that product for you which you now put on your body, touching your skin. Each brand/product listed on Esoraa applies traditional artisanal skills into their designs and products by collaborating and working with the local artisans who are at the forefront of Indian Fashion.

I have personally selected and curated these beautiful products & I hope you experience the same joy and pride as the these products makers, and feel connected to them when you use them.

Karvishi Aggarwaal
Founder & CEO Esoraa