founding philosophy

We encourage conscious consumption for beautifully & mindfully made products that create minimal negative impact on our planet & its people.

Today there are multiple platforms & hundreds & thousands of brands selling products online. On average each of us spends 3 hours a day browsing on phones & consuming different content being thrown at us, we are spoiled with choices which makes it even more difficult to know which brands are genuinely sustainable. Esoraa wants to provide & guide you to pieces & products that are of high quality, fairly produced & dedicated to improving the industry’s overall impact. Esoraa was created with the intent of making sustainable products created with love and generation of skills more accessible.

esoraa partners with carefully selected brands & designers who meet our sustainability criteria, to offer ultimate curation of outstanding products.

what does sustainability mean to us?

The fashion & lifestyle industry still plays a major role in the use of natural resources, as well as air & water pollution. complex value chains makes it difficult for everyone to differentiate each part of the process, & the human exploitation that is often a part of it. As much as it's the duty of the brands to be transparent, responsible & proactive in producing sustainably, we believe that us as consumers also have the responsibility of consuming consciously.

how do we plan on doing this ?

01. creating change on an industry level

Our ambition is to create transparency across the industry, engage with brands & designers to understand their sustainability approaches, help them strengthen them & facilitate knowledge-sharing between them. We want to continuously provide a dialogue platform, educate ourselves so that we can disperse knowledge to our customers, push towards conscious production & consumption.

02. facilitating and supporting brands

We want to create a framework for sustainability, facilitating experience & knowledge sharing between our designers & industry experts, supporting them in creating, sourcing & scaling sustainably. We believe that together we will be much stronger, allowing us to influence industry standards. Our goal is to become an active player in building our designers’ & brands’ businesses in a way that is good for both the planet & their development.

03. helping customers make informed choices

When it comes to customers, transparency is of utmost importance to us. We want to provide the best possible resources for them to make informed choices by cutting through the industry noise & equipping them with the key points that matter. We aim to provide the information & knowledge that allows our customers’ to shop more sustainably.