Gaining influence from shapes and patterns of nature and little things around us.
Pushing the boundaries of print and textiles to create conscious clothing that isn't ever boring.

Taps into the sense of poise, beauty, and freedom that so compliments the female spirit.

Cashmere as we know it today has its origin in the valleys of Kashmir. For this collection we have now put together a selection of scarves handwoven on looms by artisans in Kashmir.
Minimalist structural pieces. Less is More!
Bridged between imaginative street style and exclusivity, Doh Tak Keh is high fashion, high-concept and unusual.
From luxurious fabrics and modern cuts to flattering fits and considered finishes, explore our range of sustainable dresses for every occassion. 
Ethical products that respect the environment & are created by people who have received living wages & safe working environments

Jewelry is a reflection of one’s inner self. Handcrafted in India. 

Esoraa's selection of fair fashion includes modern styles made to last. Each piece that is part of our curation fulfils atleast two of the sustainability values and moreover are timeless beautiful styles that will make you stand out.
Sustainable Fashion doesn't mean compromising on style. Making sustainable shopping fun with a mix of vibrant, modern and luxury pieces. Ethically made to live beyond seasons.

Gifts but make them sustainable. We want more and more people to have something which is made consciously and what better way then to introduce someone by gifting them ethical products which were made with love. The best part? They come with an affordable price tag. 

A part or whole process of making products by hand, having intricate details that make it extra special
We usually tend to over consume during the holidays, so it's all the more reason to be mindful and conscious about our consumption. We bring to you our selection of items that are ethically made and spread the holiday cheer to the maker as well as the recipient.

Consciously designed, responsibly crafted, playful, up-cycled. A circular design collective based in Jaipur. 

Easy to wear wardrobe staples.
 A narrative driven wearable art.
Ornaments that wear the body.
Celebrating the amalgamation of classic and vintage shapes with fresh and contemporary aesthetics.
Comfortable silhouettes inspired by nature.
Aiming to eliminate the concept of waste by helping to ensure that products remain in a continuous cycle of use, reuse, recycling & waste recovery.

Discover the latest addition to our store. A new collection of affordable sustainable products ranging from fair fashion and jewelry to home pieces. 

Organic products are those that have been created without using harmful chemicals in their entire value chains.
There is much more to print than a zebra or leopard print. Esoraa offers a curation of fun quirky prints inspired by the rich cultural heritage of South Asia.
Our in-stock pieces of selected jewellery, accessories and clothing. Ready to be shipped from Berlin.
Offering financial assistance towards the human causes in the form of donations, training programmes, working with marginalised communities.
Although all our clothing is season-less but there are some pieces which are cheerful and perfect for the warmer weather.  
Coming Soon Esoraa Home, our curation of handcrafted sustainable home furnishings and goods that  encapsulates the heritage of South Asia and will be a perfect addition to your beautiful house. From tableware, to home accessories to home gift items. 
The Loom Art stands for love for handloom and core admiration towards art.
Transparency is essential to build customer trust in what they’re buying. 
We want sustainability to be accessible to everyone, and our first step towards that is to bring you more and more affordable sustainable products without compromising on the values and quality.
Upcycled products are created from industrial textile waste that's thrown out as trash and given a new life.
Products that are mindful in using alternative techniques & materials so that no animals or animal by - products are used