Gaining influence from shapes and patterns of nature and little things around us.

Ethical, hand-crafted and indigenous is how one would describe Aarjavee. The spirit of its pieces lies in the shapes and forms drawn from nature. Aarjavee is a literal extension of its creative director’s beliefs. For the honest, free spirited, independent and strong women of simplicity.

The designs are inspired by the textures and elements that are fluid enough to be moulded into different shapes with intricate details.

Handcrafted using Brass as the base metal with an amalgamation of hand embroidered glass beads on fabric, all pieces are distinct. With Aarjavee we are curating pieces that are unforgettable and eternal, something that is for everyone, for every occasion.

Aarjavee pieces are raw, imperfect, fierce, meticulously cut, carved and embellished, for a woman needs no filter to define her spirit and strength. You can shop their nature inspired collection at Esoraa.