about us

Your destination to
sustainable products.

redefining the
way you shop

Esoraa is the destination to shop ethically produced, sustainable South Asian brands in Europe. We curate one-of-a-kind pieces which blend the artistic cultural heritage of South Asia with a contemporary aesthetic. Through Esoraa, we want to encourage conscious consumption & become a trusted platform for ethically made beautiful products that minimally impact the environment. We want to amplify the voice of artisans and people who make these products by sharing their stories & their commitment towards sustainability & circular design.

Esoraa partners with carefully selected brands & designers who meet our sustainability values, to offer the ultimate curation of outstanding products with a story. This is not just a platform for shopping, but also one for dialogues. Our vision is to present the best untold stories through imagery, editorials & conversations around cultural sustainability & while making a positive impact.

we are not afraid
to dream big

We want to be the one stop shop for sustainable products offering a wide variety of products ranging from clothing, accessories, skincare to home products. Our aim is to eventually become a platform to slow shop, re-sell & recycle.

sustainability criteria

Brands selected by esoraa meet at least
two of our sustainability criteria.

Transparency is essential to build customer trust in what they’re buying. 
Offering financial assistance towards the human causes in the form of donations, training programmes, working with marginalised communities.
Aiming to eliminate the concept of waste by helping to ensure that products remain in a continuous cycle of use, reuse, recycling & waste recovery.
Organic products are those that have been created without using harmful chemicals in their entire value chains.

for brands join us

Esoraa is a new distribution channel, our aim is to make buying & selling sustainable products seamless. We take care of all customer experience aspects; from marketing to customer service.

With love & passion for aesthetics, beauty, details & sustainability, we want to present our brands & partners with full respect for their business & in a way that allows the visual experience & accountability to take the center stage.

Our goal is to ultimately become an active partner that amplifies the brand in ways that are good for both the planet & your finances. We aim for full transparency, knowledge sharing & continuous dialogue to create & deliver a meaningful message.

As a new platform & business ourselves, we are in a continuous process of expansion through learning, & are always looking to collaborate with brands & designers who share the same values. We want to offer our customers with a varied & exciting selection of ethically produced pieces.